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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 2015 Lucky Tackle Box - Inshore Saltwater

Our first Inshore Saltwater box was a huge hit and we hope you enjoy the second box of hand selected Saltwater items just as much as you did the last! We delivered a box worth $30.96.
Here is a list of everything we included along with links if you would like to purchase more...

  • Pirana Crankbaits (msrp: $14.99)
    • Pirana is the only lure with the patented Jet Trail System. During retrieval the mouth allows air and water to be forced through the gill openings causing an enticing visual and audible disturbance.
  • Reaction Strike Flat Loks (msrp: $5.99)
    • FLATS LOK Jigheads feature a razor sharp, black nickel hook and come in 4 sizes and 2 colors. FLATS LOK Jigheads are the perfect choice for any saltwater soft plastics.Simply thread the bait on the hook, then screw it into the threaded metal coil. Your bait is now locked onto the jig! Gone are the days of constantly re-adjusting the plastic as it slips down the hook shaft.
  • Gambler Flapp'n Shad.(msrp: $3.99)
    • Gambler has produced possibly the ultimate paddle tail soft bait, the Flappin' Shad. The front half of the Flappin' Shad is built like the standard fluke style soft jerk bait with a fish shape and a cut in the belly for your hook, but the back half features a long, thin tail with a big paddle for maximum flapping and thumping.
  • Evolution Pulse Shrimp (msrp: 3.99)
    • Evolution Pulse Shrimp is an awesome new shrimp bait. Made from a tear resistant material this shrimp will hold up to many more fish than a standard shrimp body. Single packs are available pre-rigged with a VMC Hook.
  • Owner Hooks Boa Ring (msrp: $2.00)
    • Features a revolutionary knot that allows an angler to adjust the lead hook yet get a firm hookset when setting the lead hook. By applying pressure to the knot itself, the lead hook slides up and down the line to accomodate various bait sizes.  When pressure is applied to the hook, the know "locks" in place allowing for a firm hookset.
  • Baitmate Fish Attractant (Free Bonus Item)
  • Fishhound Magazine Issue 009

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