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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 2015 Lucky Tackle Box - Inshore Saltwater Box

Our first Inshore Saltwater box! We delivered a box worth $38.75. Here is a list of everything we included along with links if you would like to purchase more...

  • Luhr-Jensen Misc (msrp: $7.99)
    • Running crankbaits will always be fish catches. Luhr-Jensen produces some of the most exciting baits you can throw when the crankbait bite is on. These baits are available for any situation you can imagine. These baits also come in an incredible range of colors. Don't let the light weights fool you, these are full-sized crankbaits that will look like a meal to any predatory fish.
  • Oozzie Jig Jig (msrp: $9.00)
    • TherThere are hundreds of ways to use your new Oozzie Jig and you could even come up with more. You can change your rigging, squid heads, hooks, spinners, etc. depending upon the species of fishing you are going after. This is one of the hottest baits on the west coast right now.
  • Lake Fork Swim'n Shrimp.(msrp: $6.29)
    • This technically advanced swimbait design that went into the “Live” Magic Shad, is now available for salt water in our 3 1/2" “Live” Swim’n Shrimp. Great as a weedless offering or on a jighead!
  • Matrix Shad Matrix Shad (msrp: 3.99)
    • The entire bait is a bright color that is effective in many different situations. Of course the Matrix Shad features the classic paddle tail combined with an extremely tough bait to make the perfect mixture of durability and action.
  • Owner Hooks Stinger Siwash (msrp: $6.49)
    • With its open-eye, the Owner® Stinger® Siwash Hook is an ideal replacement hook for Northwest and Great Lakes salmon anglers who are eager to change-out the trebles on their trolling lures. Stinger Siwash Hooks also make a terrific replacement hook for striped bass plugs and heavy-metal spoons and jigs.
  • Fisherman's Thumb Sleeve (msrp 4.99)
    • A Fisherman's Thumb is the answer for a raw thumb obtained from catching lots of fish or friction from your line. It is made out of a thin neoprene which provides maximum protection combined with maximum feel of the line for casting.
  • 5-Hour Energy Energy Drink (Free Bonus Item)
  • Fishhound Magazine Issue 009

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