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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 2015 Lucky Tackle Box - Inshore Saltwater

Our first Inshore Saltwater box was a huge hit and we hope you enjoy the second box of hand selected Saltwater items just as much as you did the last! We delivered a box worth $30.96.
Here is a list of everything we included along with links if you would like to purchase more...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Inshore Saltwater Fishing Tips

Whether you're trying inshore saltwater fishing for the first time or haven't been too successful with it in the past, brushing up on a few basic tips should go a long way toward making the experience as enjoyable and successful as possible. As with any type of fishing, relying on luck alone is a surefire way to come home empty-handed. Experiment with the following tips, and your inshore saltwater fishing game should improve considerably in no time.

June 2015 Lucky Tackle Box - Bass Box

The June 2015 Lucky Tackle Box focused on giving all of our subscribers amazing baits from some of the best brands out there... the water is warm and the action is hot so we needed to give you guys as much value as we could so you're at the top of your game!
This month, we've delivered a box to you worth $27.45.
The June box included the following...

  • Backstabber Lures Square Bill Crankbait (msrp: $8.99)
    • Features a unique design with a hook extending from the back of the bait as opposed to the belly, the Backstabber Square-Bill Crankbait repels snags better than conventional lures. Specially tuned and weighted to accommodate the top hook and swim true, this hook configuration also hooks fish in the top lip - greatly increasing your odds of landing those larger fish.
  • Castaic Swimbaits Jerky J (msrp: $5.99)
    • The boot tailed Castaic Jerky J Swim Series Swimbaits are some of the most realistic soft plastic swimbaits on the market today. Each bait is hand painted, offering an uncanny resemblance to one of bass' favorite forages. Perfect for rigging on a darter head, or umbrella rig. The Castaic Jerky J Swim Series Swimbaits - tie one on and get bit.
  • Vicious Fishing Crankbait (msrp: $3.99)
    • Vicious Crankbaits feature a non-tangling design that places the hook hangers in precisely the correct position to eliminate fouling and promote better hook sets. On the inside, the Vicious Crankbaits are equipped with an enhanced sound chamber that grabs bass' attention with a loud underwater acoustic.
  • Reaction Strike Fathead Jr.(msrp: $5.49)
    • A split bodied/tube style paddle tail bait!!! This bait is made of incredibly soft, but strong plastic. Patterns are painted below a layer of clear soft plastic.
  • Z-Man Pack of Soft Plastics (msrp: 3.99)
    • ElaZtech is a remarkable material that is soft and pliable, and as much as 10X tougher than other traditional soft plastic baits. ElaZtech resists nicks, cuts, and tears better than traditional soft plastic baits.
  • Mustad Hooks (msrp: $3.99)
    • Mustad Hooks deliver the ideal balance of hooking and holding power. The unique shape of the hook is intended to "lock" the fish into the elbow bend, making it harder for the fish to throw the lure.
  • 5-Hour Energy Energy Drink (Free Bonus Item)
  • Big Bass Monthly Issue 009

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Best Lures for Trout Fishing

Whether you are in a lake, river or stream, fishing for trout is one of the most popular pastimes in North America. Not so long ago, the favorite bait of trout anglers was fat, juicy earthworms. However, a variety of lures have proven to be versatile and effective at landing great catches worthy of trophies, bragging rights or dinner plates. The only problem is understanding which lure works best in various locations and conditions, but a few simple tips can help you in your selection.

Spoon Lures
Even though spoons have a simple design, they are very effective when it comes to hooking large trout. However, they work best when fishing deep waters, whether it is a river, stream or lake. These lures are heavy and sink quickly, so you need to start reeling them in right away. If a spoon hits bottom, it may drag or snag.

When fishing early in the season, look for a spoon that is heavy but less than an inch in length to attract trout. If the water is relatively clear, you will want to use one with natural colors, but if the water is cloudy, try a spoon that is silver or chrome on one side and fluorescent orange, green or yellow on the other.

Inline or Weighted Spinners
Spinners also work very well for catching trout, but there is such a wide variety that you have to choose carefully. Many anglers believe that spinners made to look like small fish with colors similar to that of trout are the most effective. However, gold, copper and silver are also popular choices. In addition, it is believed that hooks hidden in fur or faux fur tend to catch more trout than bare hooks.

It is a common belief that spinners work best in lakes that have been newly stocked with trout, but many anglers have experienced success with these lures in rivers and lakes supporting natural-born trout. When fishing with spinners, try to cast your line upstream or slightly up and across. Then, reel the lure in slowly just as it reaches downstream. Some anglers prefer to bait their spinning lures with small earthworms or red worms.

Stick Baits, Crank Baits and Jerk Baits
Stick bait, crank bait and jerk bait are usually used for catching bass, but they can work well with rainbow trout and other trout species as long as you know how to use them, which can take a while to learn. These types of lures look like minnows or other small fish. They are lightweight and float on or just below the surface of the water. Some anglers try to sink these lures a little deeper by using weights, but this can be dangerous because they are prone to snags.

One popular practice is to bring a selection of these lures when trout fishing but reserve them as backups. When other lures fail to catch anything, crank baits, jerk baits or stick baits may come through.

Rubber Jigs
Experienced trout anglers rarely use rubber jigs, but they have been known to catch some decently sized fish. Rubber jigs work best in shallow creeks with clear water and a moderate current. It is recommended that you attach a small float to your line to adjust the depth of the lure when it is in the water.

What type of lure is your go-to when fishing for trout? Let us know in the comments below!

Monday, June 15, 2015

5 Tips for River Fishing

River fishing is one of the most entertaining and exciting types of fishing there is, but one thing about it is certain: River fish can be crafty and hard to catch. People spend years learning the ins and outs of a particular stretch of river and the fish that inhabit it before they begin reeling in great catches. While most of us don’t have that much time to commit or live close enough to become experts, you can greatly improve your chances of a successful river-fishing trip with the following tips...

Monday, June 8, 2015

World Record Grouper

Just when Alex Newman was ready to give up and declare defeat at a charity fishing tournament Saturday, history hit his line.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Efficient Fishing

Get Organized, Catch More Fish
Managing tackle in a manner that engenders efficiency is no easy matter. But it's one of the most important things you can do to put more fish in the boat on every trip.

"Whether you're prepping for a trip or out on the water, scrambling to find lures, pliers or other gear wastes time and costs you fish," says veteran guide and obsessive organizer Bernie Keefe. "Investing a little time and effort to organize tackle eliminates such headaches and makes you an efficient fishing machine."