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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Top Father’s Day Gift for Fisherman!

Don’t know what to get your Dad or Grandfather or Uncle this Father’s Day?
We’ll make it easy on you… get Dad a subscription to Lucky Tackle Box. It’s the best gift for any angler!
Why is it the best gift? Glad you asked…
We know that shopping for one gift is tough; so with Lucky Tackle Box, he’s going to get at least 5-6 items every month.  No need to spend hours in the tackle shop looking for that one bait. When you get him the subscription he’ll have his pick of the liter.

He’ll love you every month instead of just one day a year. I mean let’s face it, these guys deserve more than just one day a year anyways. With a Lucky Tackle Box gift, he’ll be reminded of just how great a daughter, son, nephew, niece, granddaughter or grandson you are! (Didn't mean to leave out the great-great-great grandsons...)

A Lucky Tackle Box gift subscription SAVES YOU MONEY!
Instead of going to the store and spending a fortune, each Lucky Tackle Box contains around $30 of high quality tackle that he's gonna love and it's only gonna cost you $15/box. We even throw in an awesome magazine, money saving coupons and bonus items just to give Dad more stuff to play with...BONUS GIFT: Get a FREE Hoo-Rag ($15.99) as a special bonus gift when you use code LUCKYDAD

Shipping is free so you don’t have to worry about paying for this to ship every month. Just order the gift subscription. Just set it and forget it… until he reminds you just how great you are for getting him the gift of fishing.

Lucky Tackle Box is the perfect gift for any angler! Whether he fishes for bass, panfish or even saltwater fishing, we’ve got a Lucky Tackle Box for him!

The only question you have left to ask is… how much you love him: 

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